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POP LAW Under Fyre: Part 2 (feat. Gerard Anthony) (Ep. 12)

“We revisit 2017's favorite music festival with some crazy updates. And our inaugural guest Gerard Anthony, attorney of AFROPUNK, weighs in on what went wrong as well as some behind-the-scenes info about what it takes to put on a successful music festival such as AFROPUNK Festival.”


POP LAW Under Fyre: Part III (feat. Gerard Anthony) (Ep. 45)

“Our first guest ever, and first return guest ever, makes a comeback to tackle the gift that keeps on giving: Fyre Festival. Attorney Gerard Anthony joins us to discuss the latest in the Fyre saga, including the sentencing of the mastermind behind all of it, Billy McFarland. We also get Gerard to weigh in on the Coachella vs. Filmchella trademark case and we give an update on Afeni Shakur's quest for Tupac's master recordings.”